1. The course content, lesson dates and other information can be read on our website or requested at the administration.

  2. Books, manual or materials, are NOT included in the course price unless otherwise stated. 

  3. All applications must be made online or in writing by using the registration form. Your registration is only definitive after our confirmation of that. Payment method: transfer after registration via our website.

  4. Full payment is required after registration required and our confirmation thereof. If canceled up to one week before start of the course/workshop or lecture, the paid amount will be returned. Early enrollment is therefore without risk, while the chance that the course is already fully booked is minimal. In case of later cancellation (up to the day of commencement) € 25, - administration costs will apply. Refunds from the start date (or later) are not possible. Sickness and absence of lessons does not entitle you to partial or full refund. 

  5. Courses continue if a predetermined minimum number of participants has registered for the course. If the minimum number of participants is not reached, the course will expire. In language courses we reserve the right to shorten the number of teaching hours, so that the course can also start with fewer participants. Of course, we will see to it that this does not compromise the quality. 

  6. A week prior to the start date, the Volksuniversiteit decides whether the course will continue. If a course is canceled due to insufficient participants, you will receive an e-mail message. Always check the e-mail address that you fill in on the registration form (online)! If you have already paid, the full course fee will be refunded within 15 days without deduction of administration costs.

  7. Language courses often require purchase of books. The website states which ones you need. As soon as a we decide to start a language course, we will publish this on the website at the relevant course. This will be about a week in advance. From the moment the language course continues, you can order the mentioned books. 

  8. Your e-mail address can be used to alert you to changes, lesson outage and new courses and lectures.

  9. The Volksuniversiteit is not liable for loss or damage to property for participants or third parties.
  10. The unlikely event that a lecturer becomes ill and / or a lesson needs to be transferred to a new date, you are not entitled you to a partial or full refund.